How to choose a Crib Mattress?

Setting up a nursery is one of the delightful parts of having a baby. Choosing the perfect furniture, decor, paint colors and more becomes an investment. What this also entails is ensuring that everything present in the nursery is safe for the baby to be around. The most important aspect of this is the crib mattress

As baby’s spend much of their time sleeping in their cribs, shopping for a mattress becomes the center of attention. Having that perfect mattress is the end goal. So here are some tips and researched suggestions on how to choose a crib mattress. 

Quality Matters 

For every purchase that you make, the quality of the product is the number one priority. Similar is the case when choosing the mattress. Going for cheap brands may result in a mattress that is not durable or sturdy. As infants spend most of their time in their cribs, going for the highest quality product will ensure that you get your money’s worth. This will also prove to be the safer option. 

Type of mattress 

The market displays a variety of mattresses for cribs, choosing the perfect fit becomes hard. Our research shows that either foam or an innerspring mattress should be opted for. These mattresses ensure the safety of your child. They are known to be durable, eco-friendly, affordable, supportive, and much more. To learn more about foam and innerspring, read more on our website. 

Choosing a firm mattress 

When it comes to choosing a mattress for adults, a softer option may be preferred. However, when we talk about options for infants and toddlers, it is important to opt for a firm mattress. This type of mattress allows spinal alignment for the baby, as they lay on their backs for the majority. The firm mattress also allows protection against SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 

One of the major causes of SIDS is suffocation while sleeping and often the mattress plays a role in this. The softer the mattress, the more it allows space for a baby’s nose to block in cases of them rolling. However, with a firm mattress, the material will provide an airway. 


As stated before, babies spend most of their time in their cribs so everything around them should be as eco-friendly and organic as it can be. This should be considered when mattress shopping. Looking for eco-friendly and organic manufacturers would do well for your baby. 

How to choose a Crib Mattress

Mattress cover 

Aside from picking out the safest option, another great investment alongside the mattress would be in the mattress cover. With babies’ accidents often happen. Sometimes diaper horror stories, other times bottle leaks. All these incidents can damage a mattress to its core. 

Adding a protective layer to the mattress will allow you to keep your investment for a longer time. Maybe even for a second child. Although often mattresses do come with a water-resistant layer, it can always be helpful to double up on the safety precautions. 

Final Thoughts 

A crib mattress is a highly important aspect of a baby’s life. As they spend most of their time in the crib, choosing the perfect fit is essential. As the market offers thousands of mattress options, these are some of the important features that parents should look for in a mattress. 

Safety is the number one priority and so opting for a mattress that caters to the suggestions above is highly recommended. 

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