When to lower crib mattress? Best Guide 2022

As babies grow into infants and toddlers, their needs change. When at the first month they relied heavily on their mother’s feed and sleeping tightly wrapped, at 8 months they may prefer baby food and cuddles over sleeping alone. Babies need their growing space and as babies grow so do their surroundings. 

A baby’s nursery doesn’t stay exactly the same as it did when they were newborns. Space is added for their movement and safety becomes, even more, a number one priority. This also includes the lowering of the mattress. 

What is mattress lowering? 

As the name suggests, lowering of the mattress means adjusting the height of the mattress. This means that as the baby grows the height that the mattress was kept on for a newborn baby needs to change for many reasons. This is essential for the baby’s safety. 

Why lowering the mattress is essential and when the mattress should be lowered, are the two main features this article will focus on. So, keep reading to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision for your baby. 

Why is the mattress lowered? 

As babies grow within months, so do their activities. When at first being a newborn, all they can do is lay down the higher the crib mattress is the better it is for the parents. However, as the baby starts developing in their movements, by rolling, sitting, and later on standing the highest height becomes dangerous for them and this is the reason why the mattress needs to be lowered. This is of course done to adhere to safety precautions. 

All cribs are built with specific safety precautions in mind; however, each brand has different height levels set for their cribs. Some cribs only have two options for their heights, while others may have three. Understanding the needs and features of the crib is essential. This allows you to make plans for the future. This brings us to question the timing of the lowering of the mattress.

When to lower crib mattress 

When to lower crib mattress? 

As safety precautions are kept in mind before conducting the changes, the question arises as to when to lower the crib mattress? Is there a right time? Following are answers to these questions. 


As the world calls it, there is a perfect time for everything. However, when it comes to mattress lowering and adjustment a clear formula cannot be given. All babies are different and have different needs growing up. 

Maybe your baby starts rolling at four months, while someone else’s baby is already sitting up at that time. So, there isn’t a specific time that the height change needs to be made. The perfect time only depends on your baby. So, keeping a near watch will let you know. All we can suggest is that keep the height at the highest for the first month or three. This will help you when you need to carry your baby in and out of the crib. 

The first three months are the periods of sleeping well and laying on their backs, without much movement. This is perfect for the highest height that the crib can offer, with of course remaining within the boundaries. 

As the first five months fly by, babies start to develop the strength to move, and often now at this age they can also make themselves sit up. The moment they start trying is your cue to change the setting and lower it from the highest. 

Age of Sitting Up 

Now according to the crib, you bought and the brand it belongs to, each crib has its own setting and adjustment capabilities. Look for the option that seems best. This may be level 2 for you or level 3 if the crib offers more than three options. 

The middle option for most cribs works best for this tender age of five to eight months. It is a milestone that parents and loved ones look for the most, however, it can be dangerous given the babies are determined little humans that want to take the world on their own. This is why we suggest the medium height, for now, would be safe as the next milestone requires much more safety. 

Age of Sitting Up 

Age of Standing 

Right after babies start to sit up properly without any assistance, their next goal is to stand up. Whether it is by grabbing on to objects at first or by trying it freestyle. This brings them near more danger when they try to do this inside their cribs. 

While the medium height was good enough for the five-month-old, this nine-month-old is taller and more determined to stand up on their own. Now the medium height or level two of the crib is not suitable anymore. 

What the crib now needs is third or the lowest level. This is where the mattress should be lowered to after nine months. This level provides ample support from the borders of the crib if the baby needs something to grab on to. It also provides enough height difference for the baby to safely remain inside and not accidentally climb out and fall. 

Time For Toddler Years 

Babies grow up fast. Before you know it, they are already part of the toddler family. Growing taller each day. When they grow taller than three feet, which is thirty-five inches, it is now time for the lowest level that the crib can offer. 

Often cribs only cater towards infants and this age requires a change in cribs and opting for toddler beds. When this is the case, we suggest that do what is required for the safety of the baby and not follow any tutorials and DIYs for lowering the mattress and turning the crib into a toddler bed. This kind of activity can be extremely dangerous for the safety of your baby. We do not recommend it at all. 

Toddlers need their space and so the floor is the safest option for them as to not get injured. Taking the right precaution and making these changes can assure safe playdates and night sleeps. 

Final Thoughts 

Playing with babies come with all excitement but it also brings safety concerns. The growing period of a baby requires special attention. Lowering the crib mattress is just one of the ways to ensure the safety of your child. Take our suggestions into mind the next time your child reaches a milestone.

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