What To Look For When Buying A Baby Crib

Are you planning to buy a crib for your newborn baby and curious to know what to look for when buying a baby crib? Here you will get the complete buying guide for a baby crib.

What To Look For When Buying A Baby Crib

  1. The shape and size of the bed. The standard size is 120×60 cm. Beds can be rectangular or oval, without or with castors, with a pendulum mechanism, and on runners.
  2. On the material. Beds can be made of wood and chipboard. If you can afford it, it is better to buy a wooden bed.
  3. On the walls. It is good if the bar on the front wall will go down.
  4. To the bottom. Ideally, it should be adjustable and rack and pinion.
  5. For safety. Before buying, you should see the certificate of conformity.
  6. For additional functions – for example, whether the slats are removed from the wall.

A crib, if it is not a convertible crib, is usually bought for three to four years. However, even for such a short period of time, you need to choose a durable, comfortable, and functional bed – the child will be in it very often.

I have been developing and selling children’s furniture for several years, so I will tell you what to look for when choosing cribs. This is exclusively my opinion, I do not pretend to be the truth in the first instance.

Size and shape

A bed with a size of 120 × 60 cm is considered a standard one. The European format, which did not take root in Russia, is 140 × 70 cm. Rarely you can find beds of a non-standard size on sale, a mattress must be included with them because it will be difficult to find it yourself.

Rectangular beds are available on legs or on wheels, with a longitudinal or lateral swing, with runners like a rocking chair.

Oval beds are more suitable for large rooms, their standard sizes are 125 × 75 cm. Such beds also come with a pendulum and wheels.

A transforming bed is a large rectangular bed about 170 cm long, which consists of a base with drawers, a bed itself, a narrow chest of drawers, and, most often, a changing table. Transformers are usually equipped with transverse pendulums.

A crib with a pendulum is definitely better than a crib with runners for the comfort of motion sickness, for smoothness, for noiselessness. The pendulum mechanism must be reliable, it must not “shuffle” when moving.


If the budget allows, it is better to choose furniture made of natural wood – birch or beech, especially if a transparent coating is applied on top.

If you want to buy a bed from chipboard, you need to take a model not lower than the E1 emission class, and all open ends of the parts must be covered with a PVC edge, which will prevent the release of formaldehyde. I have never met other emission classes in Russia, except for E1, in my practice, although I know all the largest manufacturers of laminated chipboard.

Wood for children’s furniture should be covered with safe varnishes or paints, chipboard does not require additional surface treatment, except for trimming with a PVC edge.

Immediately after assembling new furniture – both solid wood and laminated chipboard – a specific smell may appear in the room, so I recommend ventilating the room for about three days.

Car walls and retractable slats

Autowalls are front walls that can be lowered. It is much more convenient to get and put a small child in the crib if the wall is down. The downside of the car wall is that if it is lowered too low, it will close the drawers.

I recommend choosing cribs with a dropping top bar – even if the bar is lowered, the drawers can still be opened.

In some cribs, the front wall can be removed.

Crib bottom

Almost all cribs for a newborn have the ability to adjust the bottom of the crib: the top position is suitable for a very small baby, and as the child grows up, the bottom is lowered. As a rule, cribs have two to five bottom positions. I think that in the vast majority of cases, parents use only the upper and lower position of the bottom, but it is better to choose a crib that will have at least three positions.

I recommend slatted bed cots. If the bottom is made of sheet material such as chipboard or plywood, it must have round holes for air circulation.

The height of the bottom of the crib should be adjusted in time as the baby grows up. This is important because an older child can fall over.