What To Consider When Buying Crib Mattress

So, the filler is selected. But that’s not all. We must not forget about such characteristics of the mattress as size, manufacturer, quality of the cover, availability of accompanying documentation.

Before purchasing a mattress, it is worth clarifying the dimensions of the bed. The size of the mattress may not coincide by a centimeter or two, but no more.

Please note The dimensions of the baby cot vary depending on the age of the baby. Among the most popular are 60 × 125 cm or 70 × 140 cm – for younger children and 90 × 200 cm or 160 × 200 cm – for older children. However, it is best to use a tape measure before buying and measure the width and length of the bed.

When choosing a mattress for a child, you should pay attention to the cover. Give preference to products with a removable cover – you can unfasten it and make sure of the declared filling. Some manufacturers offer covers impregnated with anti-allergenic and antimicrobial compounds, which is extremely important for children with allergies.

In addition to the mattress, the customer may require additional accessories such as a mattress topper. This is especially true for toddlers. The moisture-repellent mattress cover will not allow the mattress to get wet or dirty, which means it will keep it in its original state longer. The cover is machine washable and requires little maintenance.

Be sure to check the product documents before purchasing. Each self-respecting outlet, at the request of the buyer, must provide at least a certificate of conformity and a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. Of course, these documents are not a 100% guarantee of the highest quality, but they will allow you to make sure that the mattress is safe.

The manufacturer is also of great importance. The more solid it is, the lower the probability of buying a low-quality product. Note that prices for mattresses from Russian manufacturers are often lower, while the quality is absolutely not inferior to foreign counterparts. Some factories have already earned the trust of buyers and entered the national ratings of the best companies for the production of mattresses for children.

It is worth choosing a children’s mattress taking into account the age of the child, his characteristics or needs, as well as the recommendations of children’s orthopedists. And remember: if the purchased mattress does not meet the declared characteristics or has obvious defects, you can exchange it or count on a refund both under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty and in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Law.