Serta Nightstar Balance Extra Firm Crib & Toddler Mattress Review

When it comes to choosing things for your baby, you want to make sure that you’re giving your child the best, and that’s exactly where the Serta Nightstar Balance Extra Firm Crib & Toddler Mattress comes in.

Take note, “the best” doesn’t always mean you’ve got to buy the most expensive items on the market. Rather, it means being well-informed enough to know what products are safest and best for your child’s health. 

For it meant getting the Serta Nightstar Extra Firm mattress for our child.

Serta Nightstar Balance Extra Firm Crib & Toddler Mattress Review

The Serta Nightstar Extra Firm mattress comes from a brand that’s been making great mattresses for many years. But since there are a lot of trusted brands and crib mattresses on the market out there, you’ll have to do your homework before making your final choice.

The following review examines the Serta Nightstar Extra Firm according to the specifications advertised by the manufacturer, as well as the opinions of parents who have already purchased this product. Hopefully, this review will help you come to a decision that you won’t regret.

Here’s our take on the features of this mattress.

Heavy Duty Coils and Border Wire

When it comes to crib mattresses, most parents find themselves stuck choosing between foam and coil models. Foam mattresses are usually cheaper and lighter, but they’re known to wear out quickly – especially if you choose a low-end one. If you’d like your crib mattress to last, you should either buy one made of good quality foam or go with a coil mattress.

The Serta Nightstar Extra Firm mattress comes with a set of heavy-duty coils. This feature is important because a low coil count and thinner coils mean less support for your child. The coils on this mattress, however, promise to provide enough firmness and resilience for your child to be comfortable yet safe at the same time. The full perimeter border wire should also keep it in good shape and prevent any sagging or warping over time.

Serta Nightstar Balance Extra Firm Crib & Toddler Mattress Review

Extra Firm Crib Mattress

This mattress is advertised as “extra firm,” which should be a plus factor for any parent. It’s been found that sleeping on a firm mattress reduces the risk of SIDS,. sSo, if you plan to put your baby to sleep in a crib whether it’s just for naps or for the night you should be sure that you’ve got a nice, firm mattress under him.

A soft mattress sinks under a child’s weight and can cause suffocation especially if a child is put to sleep on his stomach or if he manages to roll over. Yet, a mattress that’s too hard can also cause problems if a child is not accustomed to that type of surface and finds it hard to get comfortable. However, experts recommend erring on the side of caution and getting your newborn used to a firm mattress from the very beginning.


A crib mattress should be the right size for your crib. Most crib mattresses come in a standard size which should be about 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches. This means that most mattresses will fit into most regular-sized cribs, give or take a couple of inches.

If you’re really concerned about child safety, however, make sure that your crib mattress is a snug fit and that you can get no more than a couple of fingers between it and the sides of your crib. This ensures that your baby won’t get a hand or a foot stuck in the gap, causing entrapment or possibly even suffocation.

The Serta Nightstar Extra Firm mattress is slightly on the snug side. It’s a bit larger than most crib mattresses at 52.5 x 27.3 inches. Some parents report that it is too large to fit certain crib models, especially since it has a border wire that prevents you from simply squashing it into the crib. If you want to get this mattress, be sure to measure the inside of your crib and see whether there’s enough space in there.

Cotton Blend Top Layer

A good crib mattress isn’t all about what’s inside it. What’s outside counts as well. 

A crib mattress has to be easy to clean and made of non-allergenic materials that don’t encourage the growth of bacteria or fungi. This makes for a healthier sleeping environment for your child.

A number of crib mattresses are covered with vinyl or food-grade plastic that allows you to wipe it clean in seconds. However, these materials can be hot and uncomfortable if you live in a humid climate or if it’s the middle of the summer. The Serta Nightstar Extra Firm strikes a good balance between cleanliness and comfort with its laminated cotton-blend top layer – it doesn’t absorb surface dirt and is easy to keep clean like vinyl, but breathable and more comfortable for your baby.

Extra Firm Crib & Toddler Mattress

Now let’s consider the practical aspect. This mattress has got all the right features to ensure that you get a lot of work out of it, from the coils inside it to the heavy-duty cloth binding with lock stitching that covers it. Nevertheless, if it does break down on you too soon or if you find it doesn’t perform up to par, you’re protected by a 25-year warranty. Considering that this mattress costs only $79.55 and you’re covered for twenty–five years, it seems like a practical purchase.

Before you go out and buy this mattress, you might want to know if there are any issues about it that you should know about. One set of parents who have bought this product reported receiving an item with a bit of fraying on the cloth binding, but they are quick to note that the manufacturer was very accommodating with getting them a replacement. There are also those who say that they could not get it to lie flat in their crib because of its large size.

Beyond these minor issues, it would appear that the Serta Nightstar Extra Firm mattress is actually a pretty good crib mattress to get for your child. It’s an affordable coil mattress that’s got a firm surface, cloth cover, and a 25-year warranty besides.

We’ll give you a rundown of what we loved and didn’t necessarily like in the Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crib Mattress, and you can decide accordingly. 

  • The top insider layer is Serta Fireblocker, providing gentle sleeping and added safety using exclusive material, cotton-blend top layer ensures extra comfort
  • Heavy-duty coils for strong, even support, balanced support from full perimeter border wire for firm edges when the baby is standing
  • Security of edges assured by heavy-duty cloth binding with lock stitching, this is stronger than vinyl, lock stitching prevents the entire binding from unraveling if any threads become loose
  • 25-year warranty
  • Meets all Federal and State safety standards
  • The size is slightly large
  • Some users admitted to receiving a mattress with frayed ends. However, the company offered a replacement promptly.

Overall Verdict 

An extra firm sleeping surface will provide a peaceful sleep for your baby. The Serta Nightstar Extra Firm crib mattress features extra firm, balanced support throughout with heavy gauge coils and full perimeter border wire. Security of edges assured by heavy-duty cloth binding with lock stitching. This is stronger than vinyl. Lock stitching prevents the entire binding from unraveling if any threads become loose. It features an easy-to-clean, laminated cover.

From us, this mattress has a thumbs-up!