Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress CopperChill Medium Queen Review & Buying Guide

Are you thinking to buy a mattress? This Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress incorporates a thick layer of memory foam over a spring structure, guaranteeing space and comfort in a unique, queen-sized combo. 

This type of surface gently molds to your body and gives a sensation of a cloud. It eliminates the pressure points of the heaviest areas of the body, alleviating any type of muscle, back, and cervical pain.

Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress Review

The mattress, owing to its countless benefits and the famous Sealy brand name, isn’t very light on the pocket. Therefore, if you are thinking of making a purchase, we would want you to be 100% sure. 

Here’s what we thought of the Sealy Hybrid Plush CopperChill Medium Queen mattress in a nutshell:

Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress Review

Overall Features 

The mattress has a system of reinforcements in the central area and the entire perimeter of the mattress which not only gives you more time of use without deforming but will help prevent falls if you sleep very on the edge of the bed.

This pocket spring mattress also features a cover made with ForeverFlex technology. It is a very special elastic fabric, as it has a higher level of perspiration than other textile materials. It does not suffer from wrinkles or widens, no matter how you use it, helping the life of the mattress.

In the same way, this individual mattress is made with thermo-regulating materials, since it is made with the Opti cool system, which allows air and humidity to circulate through the mattress, an ideal property if where you live it is very hot in the nights.

  • 32 cm high mattress
  • Medium-soft firmness with high durability
  • Thermo-regulatory properties
  • Memory foam relieves muscle and back pain
  • It can be a little soft for some users
  • It is not recommended for people who weigh more than 100 kg

Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress – Buying Guide

If you’re short on time, the Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress review can suffice for a purchase decision. But, if you really want to delve into the specifics of the mattress, this buying guide can be your guiding light. 

Sealy Mattresses 

As you could see in the mattresses that we showed you previously, this brand usually incorporates certain characteristics in most of its products. 

However, there are small variants that change their functionality and the target audience.

For this reason, it is very important that you take into account what you are looking for in the best mattress and what are the environmental conditions where you will use it.

Based on this point, below we will show you some characteristics that Sealy mattresses have so that you can choose a model that meets your needs.

Sealy Hybrid Plush Mattress – Buying Guide

Viscoelastic surfaces

Memory foam is a type of material that offers a different level of comfort than the foam of a conventional mattress. This is because it is much more flexible, which makes the surface of your bed mold to the contour of your body.

In addition, a viscoelastic layer is more breathable and allows you to regulate body temperature, a very positive aspect if you are a person susceptible to high temperatures.

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses have been used for many decades, and this is because internally the mattress has a set of springs that make it mold to your body.

This type of mattress is well known for offering more years of autonomy since it has an internal structure, it is more difficult to deform. However, they tend to be harder than a foam model.

Hybrid Mattresses

Manufacturers have worked for many years to improve the sleep experience, incorporating new technologies that make their products more durable and comfortable.

One of the great achievements of this brand is to integrate a viscoelastic layer to a spring mattress, offering an extremely comfortable product that guarantees many years of use.


Firmness is quite an important point when choosing a mattress since this feature will depend on your personal taste or if you plan to use it for therapeutic purposes.

There are three types of hardness: low, medium, and high. Each one is designed for a specific audience.

Softer mattresses are good for children and teens. They are not recommended for adults as they sink quite easily, which becomes quite uncomfortable and, in the long term, can deform and sink in the central area.

Medium hardness is the most recommended for most users, as they have a high level of comfort and do not sink as easily. However, you must take your weight into account, if you weigh more than 90 kg, it is best to choose a mattress with medium-high or high firmness.

If you are looking for a mattress to treat spinal problems, the most recommended is a model with medium-high or high firmness, which is still comfortable but gives enough stability to your back.

Finally, the models that we have shown you in this article have a low-medium firmness, this helps them to be very flexible, and as they have pocket springs, they will work very well, regardless of your weight.

Antibacterial Properties

High-end models are often made from materials that prevent the growth of bacteria, and Sealy brand products are no exception.

By presenting this property, the mattress will not present fungi regardless of the relative humidity of the environment, in addition to preventing mites from surviving on its surface.

Hypoallergenic cover

Sealy products are made of materials with a very soft texture, which can be in contact with the skin and not cause any type of allergic reaction. It is suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Reinforced foam

This is one of the characteristics for which this brand stands out. In most of its mattresses, it includes a higher density foam in the central area and at its ends.

Generally, these areas are the most prone to sagging or deforming, but with this feature, you will have a product that will guarantee more years of use than a conventional model.


Sealy mattresses are quite complete products. They are characterized by giving a great level of comfort and can last for many years without deforming. So, acquiring the model presented in this article translates into a good purchase.

Remember to take into account your personal taste, if you prefer a softer or firmer mattress. You should also read the product specifications very well to confirm that they have all the certificates that we have explained to you.


Are all Sealy mattresses hybrid?

The most recent models have this peculiarity, which is a very good thing.

Are all models special for hot climates?

Yes. The mattresses shown in this article are designed to regulate your body temperature and give you cooler nights. However, the Hybrid Style mattress incorporates a better ventilation system.

Do Sealy mattresses work for any type of bed?

Despite being models with a medium-low firmness, being made with pocket springs they have more durability, so they do not require any special care. You can place it on any type of bed without problems.

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