Why Choose An Organic Baby Mattress For Your Baby?

You may be wondering why it is so important to buy an Organic Baby Mattress for your baby. Because of the variety of mattresses available for even the smallest part of the house, it can be quite a complex task to choose the most suitable and safe mattress.

Parents always want to provide the best possible life for their baby no matter what the circumstances are. Baby’s sensitive skin makes it one of the first concerns to minimize exposure to harmful substances in the environment because they usually have more sensitive skin than adults.

During the first few months of an infant’s life, infants are prone to sleep a lot. Therefore, they are exposed to a greater number of materials and chemicals found in beds than adults. The use of bedding materials that are not organic increases the chances that a baby will experience dry skin, rashes, or other skin-related problems. You can protect your child’s health by using organic mattresses, bedding, mattress toppers, and mattress pads. By using organic products, you also reduce their exposure to toxins.

You can’t underestimate the importance of buying the correct crib mattress as part of the preparation of your baby’s nursery. After all, it will grow with your baby for many years to come! In fact, you should consider reconsidering your position on organic mattresses since they may not always be the best.

Because of this, today we will explain why organic mattresses are ideal for your baby during the first few months of their life.

Benefits Of Organic Mattresses For Babies

Currently, according to our experience, we have 3 different types of organic mattresses that, thanks to their materials, will make your baby sleep on the pull throughout the night:

1: Provides clean air for your baby

Products that often contain chemicals that disrupt hormones, cause cancer or cause irritation are known to be hormone disruptors and carcinogens. As soon as you choose organic and non-toxic materials for your home, you are avoiding all of the health risks associated with the chemicals these materials release into the air. As a result of what you are about to do, your child will be able to breathe in clean air while sleeping.

2: Makes the environment toxin-free

Organic bedding is important for your baby, because you want him/her to start life on the right foot. During the first few months after a baby’s birth, the digestive system and the lungs of that child are still developing. It is crucial that you maintain a toxin-free environment so that your baby can develop in a safe and organic environment. Since your baby will spend most of his/her time sleeping, this is the most effective method for guaranteeing his/her safety.

Organic Baby Mattress

3: Pesticides aren’t good for you

Plants such as organic flax are grown from seeds that are not genetically modified. Growing or weeding is done without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Therefore, you will also help others if the end result is clean products and a safe and healthy working environment.

4: Comfy and soft

Mattresses for cribs and babies contain a supportive core as well as cushioning and filling. It is the fibre used to provide comfort that makes the difference between a conventional and organic crib mattress. Synthetic fibers, conventional cotton, and wool may be found in conventional mattresses that are drenched in chemicals, which lead to hard, rough and uncomfortable surfaces. It is also possible for your baby to become restless and irritable when using synthetic crib mattresses, sheets, and blankets. Switching to organic baby bedding is the best way to keep your baby comfortable.

5: Skin-friendly

There are certain chemicals in the baby’s body that make their way into the bloodstream because their skin is highly sensitive. In this regard, organic bedding should be selected that’s gentle on the skin and is safe for them to sleep in. This material is soft and chemical-free, so your baby will not develop skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. These products are hygienic, antimicrobial and dust mite and mould resistant, among other benefits.

Types Of Organic Baby Mattress

In our opinion, there are currently 3 different types of organic mattresses that, due to their characteristics, will allow your baby to sleep on the pull throughout the night, according to our experience:

Louis Mattress
Colgate Mattress

1: Louis Mattress

A coconut fiber is used as the core of this mattress, therefore it has a totally natural core. Because of this, the cribbed is very breathable.

This mattress features a very special Visco, namely Innogel Visco which is much cooler than the others and allows the mattress to take longer to absorb the heat that your infant gives off while sleeping, leading to him being relieved and reducing his agitation while sleeping.

2: Simba Model

In contrast to Louis, the Simba model comes with pocket springs which prevent pressure points from building up in the baby’s body and help improve his posture.

In addition to being made from soy foam and coconut fiber, Simba is hypoallergenic in addition to being breathable.

Last but not least, Simba has an internal security frame that will keep the baby in the middle during the night so that he cannot become trapped between the sides.

3. Colgate Mattress

It is worth mentioning that the Colgate mattress is one of the most impressive mattresses in the market because it is made of natural latex that comes from the sap of the rubber tree and is guaranteed to keep your baby’s body temperature unchanged the whole night through.

As a result of the reduction of C02 bags, this product has antibacterial properties and provides great breathability. Whether you are looking for a mattress that adapts to your baby’s movements or not, this is the mattress for you.


There are quite a few benefits of organic mattresses when it comes to the baby’s night’s sleep. We hope that now you can realize the importance and value of an organic baby mattress and find out which is the best affordable crib mattress for your baby.