How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib After Co Sleeping

In this post, you will learn How To Get a Baby To Sleep In Crib After Co-Sleeping. We give you some keys to put a baby to sleep immediately. These routines will make it easier for your baby to relax and help him fall asleep.

How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib After Co-Sleeping

There are a series of tricks and tips that we can apply to get the baby to sleep, however, it is worth mentioning that each baby is different and the tricks that work for one may not work for another. Parents often end up understanding what tactic works best for their baby through trial and error, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time.

Using Apps To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib

One of the most modern methods is to resort to the use of mobile or tablet applications that promise to help your baby sleep. Next, we are going to list the most common applications for the cause:

  • Baby Sleep:  There are a free version and a paid version in this application. The free one allows us to reproduce up to 30 minutes of relaxing sounds so that the baby falls asleep, while in the paid version we can have unlimited playback time. This version also allows us to record our own sounds to play them later.
  • Instant Baby Sleep:  It is similar to the previous application, but without limitation in the time to reproduce the sounds that we choose. Some of the sounds that we have at our disposal are known as “white noise sounds”, such as that of the hairdryer. These types of sounds are characterized by being monotonous and help a lot to calm the baby and relax until falling asleep.
  • Baby-Silencer:  It is an application that emits soft moving lights that will attract the attention of the baby-making him concentrate on them, calm down, and get to sleep quickly. There are several light patterns that can be changed by simply touching the phone screen.
  • Sleep Baby: White Noise.  It features a variety of white noise and lullabies to get the baby to sleep in no time.

Prepare A Pleasant Environment To Get Baby To Sleep

Like adults, babies need a pleasant environment to sleep, but they also need to follow a certain routine that they associate with sleep. Establishing a routine will make it easier for them to fall asleep when we want them to. Follow these tips:

  • Before putting the baby to bed, spend half an hour before ventilating the room.
  • The temperature of the baby’s room should be between 22ºC and 24ºC preferably.
  • Bathe your baby in warm water before putting him to bed.
  • Breastfeed him for half an hour before putting him to bed. Putting him to bed immediately after breastfeeding can make it harder for him to sleep, as he will have a gas that will not allow him.
  • Put him in pajamas that he feels comfortable in, preferably cotton.
  • Always put your baby to bed at the same time, the ideal is usually between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Rock him in your arms before putting him in the crib and sing him a lullaby.
  • Give him a pacifier:  Babies are greatly relaxed by the effect of sucking, which is why they often fall asleep while breastfeeding.
  • Leave a stuffed animal in its crib:  babies like to sleep in a company and if they can’t do it next to a little brother, it is best if we leave them a stuffed animal. It is not recommended that they sleep with their parents, although from time to time we can allow ourselves this whim, if it is followed as a routine it can be harmful since it can become a habit and when we want them to sleep in the crib we will not succeed.
  • Leave him in the crib when you’ve got him to doze off.
  • Try to wake your baby always at the same time with a margin of half an hour too much or too little.

Tips For Your Baby To Wake Up Less In Crib After Co-Sleeping

Once we have managed to sleep the baby, what we should be interested in learning is to avoid waking up or doing so as little as possible. To achieve this you must follow these tips:

  • Do not go immediately when he cries: it can be difficult at first since as mothers and fathers we want our baby to feel comfortable and well cared for. However, if you go immediately when he cries, you will make him wake up more often because he knows that when he asks, you will help him. Let him cry for a few minutes, he may calm down and go back to sleep, if after 7 or 8 minutes he continues crying, then yes, go and take care of the little one.
  • Naps are important: A baby sleeps a lot, he needs it. You should not think that by shortening the nap time the baby will sleep more at night, this is false. Your child should sleep between 2 and 4 times throughout the day, otherwise, he will have a bad night due to fatigue, which is why it is important not to skip naps. What you should be careful of is that naps are not close to the time of night sleep.
  • Massages are beneficial: Babies love massages (and who doesn’t …). It is recommended that you give your baby a small massage after the bath, it will help him release tension and sleep more soundly so he will wake up less.