How to Fight a Baby’s Stuffy Nose 2022 – Crib Mattress

Baby’s are precious beings that need protection at all times. Whether it is a hot sunny day or a cold freezing one, protecting babies against the harshness of the weather remains the parent’s number one priority. 

However, at times, despite following all precautionary methods, the baby does tend to fall sick. This sickness is often just the common cold or the minor congestion, however, leads the parents to panic. 

In situations like these, the number one thing to do is remain calm. Research suggests the medicines are not successful in curing a baby’s cold and congestion. So in such cases, other methods should be used. Here are some tips and suggestions that parents should try for the betterment of the baby to fight a stuffy nose. 

Nasal Aspirator 

Unlike adults, baby’s can not feel when something is blocking their noses, which also means that they are unable to clean and relive themselves. With only their cries they are able to warn the parents of an existing problem. This is where a nasal aspirator comes in.

This is an ergonomically designed device that allows the removal of mucus from a baby’s nose with the motion of suction. This provides an opening of airways and relieves the baby. 

Steam Bath 

The oldest trick in the book, the steam bath is known for its advantages. The simplest remedy against the cold, the steam helps open the stuffy nose which in turn helps in breathing better. 

It is also advised to gently rub the chest and back to aid the loosing of phlegm and massage the body aches away. 

Elevating the Crib Mattress 

One of the most successful tips is to elevate the crib mattress. This helps by elevating the baby and allowing an angled sleep, which is better for the stuffy nose. The preferred and recommended angle is 30° degrees, which makes sure that the baby is at the perfect sleeping angle. 

The mattress can be elevated with either of these methods:  

  • Either rolling a towel or a pillow and putting it underneath the mattress and allowing that elevation. 
  • Buying a crib wedge to elevate the crib mattress for a stuffy nose. This method may cost a few extra bucks but will allow a much safer method. With the crib wedge designed to fit the dimensions of the crib and the mattress, there is no extra material popping out. 
  • Raising the crib itself. This option means elevating one side of the crib by putting books or steppers underneath the crib itself. This may not be the safest option. 

Elevating the crib mattress is one of the safest and most successful options in curing congestion and making sure that the baby has a good night’s sleep.

Saline Drops 

Saline Drops 

This may be considered as the last resort. If the baby is not seen making any progress with any of the other suggestions mentioned above, saline drops per the doctor’s prescription can be administered to the baby. 

These drops introduced in the nose reduce inflammation and swelling of mucus membranes. Although giving the drop to a baby is not easy, however, it has proven to provide effective results. 

Wrapping Up

With even the smallest sickness babies tend to panic their parents and this is often the case with congestion. The discomfort that babies feel becomes the number priority of parents to ensure safety. 

Elevating the crib mattress to reduce stuffy nose is one of the most helpful tips to reduce congestion and restoring of complete health. Follow these suggestions for your healthy and happy baby. 

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