How To Clean A Crib Mattress? Tips To Get A Stain Out Of Mattress

Are you looking for information about how to clean a crib mattress? See the best ways to remove a stain from your mattress by checking out the following tips

You want to make sure that your baby is healthy and happy, and maintaining a clean crib mattress can play a part in helping you achieve that goal. It is very important to wash a crib mattress if you want to remove irritating chemicals that are within it, whether you are removing it from storage, cleaning up after a diaper accident, or simply need to remove irritating chemicals that are within it. 

Keeping your baby’s mattress clean is essential due to the amount of time he spends sleeping. Several reasons contribute to your baby’s crib mattress becoming very dirty over time, such as dust mite infestations and leaking diapers.

A baby’s immune system is still developing, so it’s extremely important to clean his or her mattress regularly to keep it healthy. One afternoon will be enough to complete this easy task. For a safe, sound night’s sleep for you and your baby, learn how to clean crib mattresses.

Clean Bedding

You should wash your bedding every week at the very least. Wash the item at 130 F (55 C) to ensure that any dust particles are thoroughly washed away. Whenever possible, use a non-permeable cleaning powder or a cleanser without bleach in it.

The perfume agent found in many bath pods can cause irritation to your baby’s skin, so it is not recommended for your baby’s bath time. If you want to keep your baby’s mattress clean and prevent dust from getting into it, you can utilize a mattress cover.

Vacuum The Mattress

If your baby suffers from allergies or irritation due to dirt and dust on the mattress, vacuum the mattress with the brush attachment. Inspect both sides of the mattress as well as along the edges of the mattress in order to make sure all dust is extracted.

Non-Bleach Powder Detergent

To make a lather, you should add a non-bleach powder detergent to the hot water. It is recommended that you use one tablespoon for every five cups of hot water.

Wipe the mattress from one side to another using a clean cloth or sponge dipped in the solution. Do not over wet the mattress as this will make it more difficult for it to dry and may result in mold growth. To clean the other side of the mattress, spread some towels on the floor to protect the floor. Be attentive to stains.

Use Lemon Juice

Apply a light layer of lemon juice to stains that haven’t been removed by soap and water, then rub it gently into the area.

Put In Sunlight

In order to dry the mattress, place it outside in the sun for a few hours. If the stain is difficult to remove, place the mattress in the sun for a little while. It is said that sunlight combined with lemon juice acts as a natural bleach.

The mattress should be placed in a cool, dry place with good air circulation if the weather does not cooperate. A fan can be placed nearby to speed up the drying process.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

The mattress should be sprinkled with baking soda once it’s dried, and let it sit for an hour or two on each side before vacuuming. In addition to absorbing any lingering odors, baking soda will also help remove them.

Clean Bedding
Vacuum The Mattress

Protecting Children’s Mattress from Pollution

Mattress covers can also protect the mattress against contamination. Here are some steps you can follow in order to do so:

Mattresses Pads

If you are looking to purchase mattress covers, you can buy them that fit over the mattress and prevent spills as well as danger (or chocolate!). On the market you will find a variety of different crib mattress protector pads. It is usually made of cotton and then covered with vinyl or a material that is similarly waterproof so that they can act as extra protection for the crib mattress.

Further, using hypoallergenic substances is also an option to avoid allergic reactions caused by pollen, fungi, or dust mites in the formulation. Machine washing is also available for many of these products.

Mattresses Covers

I would describe it as a kind of cover that is designed to cover a crib mattress, which is a type of bag that contains a bed mattress inside of it. It is possible for one to find a wide range of different materials and styles here, the biggest of which is a cover that is 100% waterproof and is finished off with a luxurious flocking. Moreover, there are several options that are machine readable and can be printed on a dry surface.


These 5 tips should help you remove all stains from your baby’s mattress, but in case you want to buy a new one, be sure to check out the best affordable crib mattress to replace the old one with.