How Should A Baby’s Crib Mattress Be? Guidelines For Crib Mattress

At bedtime, the baby must be safe and comfortable. But what is the best crib mattress? What characteristics must it meet? We explain it to you in detail and we offer you a selection of the best mattresses for children’s cribs.

Choosing the baby’s crib mattress is a task for which you must take into account two fundamental aspects: first, that the mattress offers safety to your child (avoiding the risk of sudden death, spinal problems, or the risk of contracting allergies) and, second, that it be a comfortable crib mattress that allows the little one to rest properly.

The truth is that there is a type of mattress for each type of body since it is not the same to buy a crib mattress for the delicate body of a baby as to buy it for an older child.

Guidelines for choosing the best crib mattress

  • If it is a baby: The crib mattress must be comfortable, with an optimal degree of firmness, to avoid sudden infant death syndrome and reflux. It is important to remember that, if the crib you have does not have a mattress or you want to change it, the new one must fit exactly into the interior space of the crib without leaving any gaps. Keep in mind that, according to child safety experts, babies do not need a pillow until they are two years old, nor do they need duvets, which could be dangerous for their health. You should also keep in mind that it is not recommended to let him sleep with stuffed animals until 8-9 months.
  • If it is a child from 3 to 8 years old: It is essential for children’s well-being to sleep adequately, avoiding sleep problems. In the age range 3 to 8 years, the mattress must be firm and comfortable, allow freedom of movement and changes in posture, and with anti-mite treatment. The level of firmness of the mattress will depend on the weight of the child.
  • The material with which the children’s mattresses are made is very varied: coconut fiber (anti-humidity and breathable), memory foam (adapts to the shape of the body and recovers the original shape), 100% natural latex or latex (harder than the natural), of different types of foam with aeration, of gel (does not alter with changes in temperature) and of soy.