How To Pick A Good Crib Mattress – Know Before Buying

Do you want to know how to pick a good crib mattress and How long is crib mattress when you are in the sweet waiting, you should think about many accessories for your baby such as clothes, diapers, toilet implements, among many other things, but in addition to this, the question arises of which is the best crib and also how much is a mattress crib?

In the first months, babies have a routine of eating and sleeping, they also spend most of their time in their crib, for this reason, the essential element for good rest is the mattress, taking into consideration that it must be comfortable and special.

How To Pick A Good Crib Mattress

When choosing the best mattress for a crib, the first and foremost thing is to think about the well-being of the little one, especially with the possibility that it supports the body and does not sink, not allowing the child to rest, and therefore it will feel upset and uncomfortable.

For this reason, when going out to buy things and accessories for the baby, especially the mattress, the measurements of the mattress should be taken into account, to give our little one the best so that he feels comfortable and rests well throughout the night with comfort.

Materials and measurements for the mattress

One of the things that you should always have is the material with which the mattress is made because it must be hypoallergenic as well as designed for each baby, especially those who have various problems such as disability, allergies, or other problems.

The perfection is also in presenting measures for each taste, so you will be safer with the one you choose for your baby’s rest, taking into account that they are the most important thing in our lives and deserve to be pampered with the best.

The mattress must be very safe and reliable so that babies can sleep peacefully, for this reason, you should think about choosing the measures that best come close to what you want, so you should know that there are different types of cribs and mattresses. So look at these options

1. Mattress for convertible cribs

This type of crib can be used many times, for babies with a chest of drawers and changing tables, a small bed and later it adapts to the school stage of your baby when he begins his school age, taking into consideration the measurements of the mattress in each change, hence the mattress size.

Generally, this type of crib should have a mattress with a standard measurement of between 140 long by 70 wide or 150 long by 80 wide, having that variety so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can even have the possibility of choosing a larger convertible crib, depending on the ones made by the manufacturer with a mattress over 180 centimeters long by more than 90 wide, although it will depend on the measurements of the child’s room and their expectations.

2. Mini crib mattress

Keep in mind that these cribs are only useful for a few weeks because they are designed to house the newborn, but it will soon grow and the space becomes small. In spite of everything, there are quite avant-garde models for boys or girls that make mothers fall in love with and make doing this expense and investing in a crib a pleasure.

These miniature cots need a smaller mattress, which will serve them up to 6 months, at which point the child begins to eat porridge and is older so that he can sit alone and decide to start crawling, although for some it is later than others.

Despite how small you can see, they are durable and quite comfortable for your baby in the first months when he needs to be close to you to take him out, breastfeed and lay him down again, the measurements for the mattress of this crib are 70 centimeters long by 50 wide.

3. Crib playpen mattress

The crib playpens are one of the cribs that have double functionality since they are used during the first months of life and later when the baby is in the crawling stage and you need a place so that it is within your sight while you do your housework.

It is important to note that the measurements of this type of crib should be similar to mini cribs, although thicker by the time the baby is going to nap, for this reason, you should think about this when buying it; its measurements can be 120 long by 70 wide.

4. Mattresses for cribs

Cribs are generally large with bars so that the child cannot get off them; They need a special mattress because they take into account that the child can use them up to approximately 3 years with a measurement between 120 in length and 60 in width.

Types of cribs and mattresses

  • Convertibles: thick and large mattresses.
  • Mini cribs: bassinets or small cribs, thin and medium mattresses.
  • Cribs: thick and large mattresses.

Precautions when buying a crib mattress

  • When buying a crib and especially the mattress for it, you must pay attention that the ends are completely covered by it, since accidents can occur with your baby’s feet and hands in them, remember that they are very curious.
  • The mattresses must support the baby’s weight without problems without it sinking, apart from that over time they become deformed because the babies’ bodies are not the same and therefore throw them away and change them with a time of use.
  • In addition to all this, you should be able to buy a mattress that is washable or with a special cover that can be removed to take to the washing machine, this will allow your baby not to get sick from respiratory problems or skin.
  • The mattress should provide the child with comfort for a peaceful sleep and adapt to his little body.