Foam vs Coil Crib Mattress 2022 – Decide which on is better for your baby

Scientifically speaking, sleep is a person’s best friend. Whether we talk about adults or babies, sleep has proven to make a person healthier. To get that good night’s sleep, the mattress becomes the main concern. In today’s age, there are so many mattresses to choose from and this decision becomes much more essential when it comes to choosing a mattress for your baby. 

Foam vs Coil Crib Mattress

Between adults and older kids, the mattress is seen as a luxury and a comfort item, however, in reference to babies, mattresses need to clear the security check. Babies are delicate human beings that need the utmost protection. Innerspring (the coil mattress) and Foam are seen as the safest options. 

Innerspring vs foam crib mattress

Research data suggests that for a baby to have a safe and healthy night’s sleep, the best options are coil or foam mattresses. For most of their baby and infant life, your baby will have the same mattress. The questions of durability, affordability, environmentally friendly, and others also arise with safety concerns. The answers to these queries are discussed further. 

Both types of mattresses have their pros and cons. Knowing what to look for and considering your needs, an informed decision can be made. So, here we provide a more detailed look into both mattresses to make help you make important decisions. 

Foam Crib Mattress 

In the world of mattresses, the foam mattress is quite known for its diversity. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and textures the foam mattress is quite literally the Meryl Streep of the mattress world. Available in Gel, memory foam, organic foam, or regular foam. Despite the variations, the general features remain the same. So, let’s dive into the general features:


Mattress shopping also means checking the price tag. Well, we do have some good news. Foam mattresses are quite affordable, especially compared to coil ones. They may also be considered cheap. However, being cheap here doesn’t mean bad quality. No, it just means it’s lighter on the bank, all the while providing some of the same safety and comfort features. Usually costing may start from $30 to $300. The con, however, would be of course the durability. If you opt for the cheapest, it may not last you as long as you may have wanted. 


This is where the safety concerns come in. The mattress is a product of the industry, which isn’t very eco-friendly. However, in the war of innerspring versus foam, the foam mattress takes the lead. Depending on the brand, often these mattresses are made of organic material with less or no toxic fumes, whereas the coil mattress cannot be manufactured in that way. 

Supportive Edges 

Foam mattresses are not known for their supportive edges. The supportive edge is widely necessary for many reasons, one being the safety of your child. For a baby, sure the edge support won’t matter as much, however, if you’re investing in a mattress for the infant years, this can be a deal-breaker.

If a baby rolls on the side, the edges aren’t sturdy enough, because of the softness of its material, there is a chance, the baby may fall. 

A foam mattress has many advantages as we listed above. However, one of the falls is in the case of durability. Foam mattress because of their manufactured nature, made of foam doesn’t last as long. This is where the innerspring mattresses shine. Now more on coil mattresses. 

Foam Crib Mattress 

Coil Crib Mattress 

One of the main differences between innerspring vs foam mattresses is their durability. As discussed earlier, foam mattresses because of their nature tend to fade earlier than the coil mattress. Innerspring mattresses as the name suggests, have coils inside layers of foam which make them sturdier.

This makes them heavier than the lighter foam mattress. This also allows the mattress to be more supportive as the coils uphold the edges making it safer for infant babies. 

Some other features of a coil mattress are: 


Compared to foam mattresses the innerspring mattress is not as soft. However, as comfort is not the main criteria for a baby, the coil mattress proves beneficial in other areas. 

The coils of the mattress make sure that a baby’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress which helps in shaping and alignment a baby’s body. This ensures that no soft spots or dents are created in the mattress, which also makes it last longer. 


As discussed earlier, foam mattresses cost a fraction of the innerspring mattress, however, they provide a longer mint condition durability. This increases the quality of the investment. 

Unlike a foam mattress where the core material is the foam itself, the innerspring mattress consists of a few materials, the foam casing, the coils, and the coverings. The coil helps in maintaining the shape and the density of the mattress without it carrying spoiled spots. 

Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

The mattress is manufactured with materials such as coil, casing, and soft foam, it does take a few products to adhere permanently. Which of course means a little less eco-friendly than you would want it to be. 

This however doesn’t mean they are unreliable. There are many companies such as Simmons Beautyrest Beginnings and Sleepy Whispers making eco-friendly coil mattresses. 

Coil mattresses have both pros and cons like foam. For many reasons, mainly its durability it becomes a preference over the other. If you want to invest in a mattress and get good use out of it, an innerspring mattress would be the way to go. 


Innerspring vs foam mattress is a war of features. Both mattresses are equally good in terms of safety and comfort, with some variations. The features that we compared are: 

  • Affordability 
  • Durability 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Comfort 
  • Support 

It is now up to you to decide based on your needs and purposes according to the information that we provided. No matter which you go Innerspring or foam mattress, do remember that any of these are safe and better choices for your baby!

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