What’s The Size Of A Crib Mattress? Know The Dimensions

Are you looking for crib mattress size When you are in the sweet waiting, you should think about many accessories for your baby such as clothes, diapers, toilet implements, among many other things, but in addition to this, the question arises of which is the best crib and also how much is a mattress crib?

In the first months, babies have a routine of eating and sleeping, they also spend most of their time in their crib, for this reason, the essential element for good rest is the mattress, taking into consideration that it must be comfortable and special.

Standard sizes of crib mattresses

Today in the market we find literally thousands of different crib options for our babies. Different shapes and sizes, advanced features, or more traditional cribs. The truth is that we can go crazy if we are one of those who have trouble choosing. And to that must be added the difficulty of finding a suitable mattress for each model and that at the same time complies with the safety and comfort requirements.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of standard-sized cribs on the market. Manufacturers of crib mattresses have these measures in each of their models so that they fit perfectly. Thus, the safety and comfort of your baby are assured.

What's The Size Of A Crib Mattress

The usual measures

There are two measurements that are the most common in crib mattresses: 120 × 60 and 140 × 70, the latter also known as maxi-crib measurement. The most normal thing is that these two measures are available in all models of crib mattresses.

In Express Mattress, we also have models recommended by specialists in the care of the little ones such as the SEDA Comfort Mattress, which is also available in mini cot sizes. This mattress features a high-density HR core and a breathable 3D mesh cover made from bamboo and organic cotton.

In addition, it has the peculiarity of having a patented accessory system, which allows the baby to be in the most favorable position at all times for better breathing, digestion, and rest. In addition, it is a mattress with a machine washable cover, which will allow you to provide maximum hygiene for your little one at all times.

Do not hesitate to consult with our experts about the size of the crib mattress for your baby. And remember that in case you need a special measure, we can help you. The first must always be the safety of our little ones.