Colgate eco classica iii crib mattress review

Are yOu looking for Colgate eco classica iii crib mattress review As parents to be, we naturally did a ton of research on every avenue of baby stuff One that was very important to us was the crib mattress and the reasons was our fear of SIDs. We wanted to find a mattress that was natural and organic to decrease the amount to toxins that could potentially harm our baby when he is sleeping, which is approximately 70% of his infant life! We came across Colgate and liked what we read about the company and the Eco Classica III mattress and decided to go with this one. Colgate is a family-owned business that has been in business since 1955 and all of their mattresses are made in the USA!

Best Colgate eco classica iii crib mattress review

The Colgate mattress features dual-firmness foam that you are able to use for infants and toddlers. One side is for infants and the other side is for toddlers. This is labeled clearly on the edge of the mattress and the pictures show below.  The mattress is 6″ thick with an organic cotton cover on the very top and good grade waterproof backing on the cover. The mattress is naturally fire-resistant, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free. It is Greenguard gold and CertiPUR-US certified to be safe without any toxic off-gassing. The mattress is a standard size

The EcoClssica III is a high quality lightweight (9.6 lb) orthopedic style dual firmness Infant Toddler foam crib mattress. The firmer supportive infant side is very firm. The less firm more comfortable toddler side is also firm to support toddler bodies but less firm than the infant side. Mattress fits all standard size American cribs and toddler beds. An overall 6″ mattress thickness means tight-fitting sheets. A certified organic cotton cover with a waterproof backing puts organic cloth closest to the baby and the waterproof backing lets nothing into the mattress. Inverted seams provide

The infant side of the mattress is more firm than the toddler side in order to provide the firm support necessary for infants. When the time comes for a less firm mattress, you can flip and use the toddler side. Below is a photo of the mattress fitting perfectly in the crib with no space between the slats and the mattress.

This mattress is completely non-toxic and Colgate has gone above and beyond getting their mattress certified in meeting regulations regarding chemicals in raw materials. This was extremely important to us because many mattresses contain chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer. We also feel very comforted by the fact that Colgate does not use chemical agents in order to meet Federal Flammability standards, instead, they use a natural barrier fabric that naturally acts as a fire retardant.


I needed a waterproof mattress because I have a 3 year old that likes to spill juice. The other mattress I had did not do a good job of resisting the spills. All I need to do is wipe the mattress with a cloth by using a little sanitiser to disinfect it. The foam used for the mattress is also quite firm and supports my toddler’s body perfectly. I can be assured that nothing will soak deep into the mattress.


  • The Mattress is lightweight.
  • It is made from organic materials.
  • It has no Odor.
  • It is a versatile mattress(Dual usage)


Though the mattress does not have edge support

ts firmness compensates this defect.

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