Is Off-Gassing Dangerous For Babies? Find Best Non Toxic Crib Mattress

Are you looking for the Best Non Toxic Crib Mattress and wondering if babies will be harmed by off-gassing in the crib?

When you have purchased a newly manufactured vehicle, moved into a new residence, or furnished your baby’s nursery, you have likely experienced that “new” scent. This is called off-gassing.

The off-gassing of manufactured items occurs when they release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air as they are being manufactured. It is typical that we associate the word “organic” with healthy things, but make no mistake – there’s nothing healthy about VOCs at all!

The process of producing most common household items consists of using many kinds of chemicals. Therefore, whenever you bring new items home from the factory, all sorts of chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air of your dwelling.

How Does Off-Gassing Affect the Environment?

There is likely to have been some experience with off-gassing at some point in your life if you have ever experienced dizziness or headaches when you were cleaning the bathroom with conventional cleaning products.

As a result of breathing in chemical compounds, two real and tangible effects are experienced, but there are also other effects.

A person’s health will be affected by off-gassing depending on how often they are exposed to the chemicals, how much and what kind of VOCs are released, and how much exposure time is left. However, off-gassing, to whatever extent, can certainly cause irritation, health problems, and some serious diseases if it is severe enough.

It has been shown that off-gassing of chemicals can cause dizziness, asthma attacks, skin irritation, respiratory difficulties, as well as organ damage.

Moreover, some chemicals can cause carcinogenic effects, which means that they increase your chances of developing cancer, and others may act as endocrine disruptors, which is a fancy way of saying that they happen to mess with your hormones.

Find The Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattress
best non-toxic crib mattress

How To Choose The Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattress For Your Baby

Basically, some of the memory foam mattresses could be good for your baby, however, we do not recommend them as crib mattresses because of their softness. Compared to those made of traditional polyurethane foam, those made of latex cause allergies, while those made of traditional polyurethane foam may cause perspiration problems and VOC emissions.

As a result of breathing in the gases that are released when you inhale these materials, your baby can suffer from headaches during this time, as well as have other affects on his or her health that may range from allergic reactions to rashes to even more serious issues.

The adaptation and perspiration abilities of synthetic foams have dramatically improved in the past few years, but there is still a need to take care when choosing a mattress for children and adults, in which you will sleep for the next few years.

This product complies with the certificates that ensure that the materials used in its production are all totally harmless to your health. They are not all available, but it’s worth taking the time to check them.

There are plenty of options for non-toxic affordable crib mattresses available on the market. However, the best reference to be found is the OekoTex certificate, and only in Class I, which guarantees that it is tested even to be in contact with a baby’s bare skin. So, if you want to buy a safe crib mattress for your baby, make sure you get one that has an Oeko-Tex Class I certification in all its components.

The mattress will be seen a lot by both you and the little ones. Then you know, you should be looking for a custom mattress for you and with the best certification!