10 Best Crib Mattress Protector Review 2022

When a baby is on the way, you rush to pick out the best things. Some are bought after months of research, such as a crib. Others are picked because, let’s face it, they will look adorbs, like a good, animated mattress sheet. But there’s almost always one crucial aspect you miss out on: buying the best crib mattress protector. 

Unfortunately, unlike many other items in your baby’s room, you can’t exactly throw an entire crib mattress into the wash. But then what do you do with the stains and leakages that are bound to happen? 

Invest in a good crib mattress protector. 

Why You Need the Best Crib Mattress Protector

You might think, why have a crib mattress protector when you can have a sheet instead? But the truth couldn’t be farther from this. 

Think of all the spills and leakages that are bound to happen when your little one gets active – diaper leaks, spit-ups, food burps, puke.

Would you rather invest in a mattress cover that you could throw in the wash and clean effortlessly or be scrubbing for hours to get the stain off your baby’s mattress? The former definitely seems like a better option. 

New Born

New Born

  • Waterproof
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable cotton top 


  • Portable
  • Fits cribs and play pads of several sizes
  • Absorbent and machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Repel and Release technology
  • PVC-free, waterproof layer
  • Sheet stretches to fit mattress
  • Zipper included 

10 Best Crib Mattress Protectors 

After searching through the web and making our way through thousands of reviews, we’ve created our list of the best crib mattress protectors we could find. 

Here are our top picks:


New Born

Ely’s & Co. Bassinet Sheet Check on Amazon
2. Premium CHOICE


Little One’s Pad Pack ‘N’ Play Mattress Cover Check on Amazon


Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad Check on Amazon


PlushDeluxe Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector Check on Amazon

Mini Crib

SureGuard Mattress Protector Check on Amazon


Kolcraft Baby Dry Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover Check on Amazon


PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector Check on Amazon


Dreamtex My Little Nest Crib Mattress Pad Cover Check on Amazon


Baby and Brooke Crib Mattress Protector Pad Check on Amazon

Delta Children Twinkle Galaxy Dual Sided Premium Recycled Fiber Core Crib Mattress

American Baby Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress 
Check on Amazon

How To Choose The Crib Mattress Protector?

If you have succumbed to the importance of a crib mattress protector, the next question dawns: 

How do I choose what’s best? 

Well, we might as well be the baby experts because we have shortlisted just the qualities you need to look for when buying the protector:

Good Fit:

Remember, whether your little one is naughty or not, they will be pulling at the covers or duvet as soon as they can get their grip on it. This can be a suffocation hazard and needs to be tended to. One way is by getting the best crib mattress protector fitted for your mattress size. Or you can choose a zippered one for easy handling.


No matter how much you try to prevent it, there are going to be accidents on the crib mattress. But you can protect the mattress’ core with a crib waterproof mattress protector. It acts as a barrier between the stain and the mattress itself, making the job of cleaning a whole lot easier for you. 


Do you remember how mattresses came with plastic covers in the past that continued to crinkle until your baby, and you, were up all night, begging for sleep? Well, do not go that way when buying your protector. Choose mattress covers that are quiet and noiseless, for a sound sleep. 

Top 10 Best Crib Mattress Protector

Now that you’re equipped with all the baby crib mattress protector knowledge you could want, it’s time to start with the main deal. 

Not sure how to begin your search? 

We’ve overtaken the responsibility for you. Here are our top 10 best crib mattress protectors:

Best Crib Mattress Protector

1. New Born: Ely’s & Co. Bassinet Sheet

When your baby has just arrived in this world, a bassinet is a usual choice for up to 4 months. As a bassinet sheet, this product by Ely’s & Co. became an instant favorite. Why? Because it also acts as a mattress protector!

The sheet is made with 100% jersey knight cotton on top and a waterproof bottom. This guarantees comfort for your infant while being a crib waterproof mattress protector. In addition, the soft fabric ensures a buttery soft, breathable surface for your baby to sleep on.  

What’s better is that the sheet is a snug fit for the mattress with its flexible elastic band. This means once the sheet hugs the mattress, you won’t have to worry anymore about your little one getting a grip of the cloth. 

However, in case the sheet gets into a little accident and requires cleaning, the sheet can only be tumble-dried on low. So, you will have to be a little careful with the maintenance or the sheet can be ruined.

  • Waterproof
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable cotton top 
  • Requires cautious washing

 Little One’s Pad Pack ‘N’ Play Mattress Cover

2. Toddler: Little One’s Pad Pack ‘N’ Play Mattress Cover

Like it or not, children grow up in days. When you feel you’re just getting used to your little one playing along in the crib, they will have learned to roll over and crawl and will be demanding a play pad.

That’s when most parents realize they need a mattress cover that doesn’t just fit on the crib but can be used for play pads too. This one by Little One’s Pad works great in this regard.

The cover is lightweight and so portable. It is ultra-soft and does not make a peep. Not when your child is sleeping, and not when they’re jumping about, trying to create a ruckus. 

The thread quality of the sheet is exceptional. It is absorbent and machine-washable and does not shrink nor melt in the machine – which is a problem parents regularly face with mattress covers. 

Considering that the cover is multipurpose – for cribs and play pads – it is also germs and bacteria resistant to keep your baby safe and healthy. It is free of Vinyl, Latex, BPA, and other irritants.

However, the cover still isn’t organic or eco-friendly.

  • Portable
  • Fits cribs and play pads of several sizes
  • Absorbent and machine washable 
  • Hypoallergenic  
  • Not organic or eco-friendly 

Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad

3. Waterproof: Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad

Where there are babies, there is bound to be a mess. But this protector by Sealy was one of the best waterproof crib mattress protectors we found. 

Made with cotton, the cover features a distinct, stain-fighting technology. While it has a PVC-free waterproof layer, the magic lies in its ‘repel and release’ tech.

So, even if something falls on the sheet, the stain does not reach the mattress’ core but instead remains on the sheet, to be washed away later. Simply throw the sheet in the machine and dryer and you are good to go!

Another benefit is that the secure fit of the Sealy cover is supported by a zipper which makes it incredibly convenient. Add that to its SecureStay design and the sheet stretches to fit your crib mattress, without bunching in between and running comfort and aesthetics.

The only aspect we were not fond of – the mattress can get slightly noisy. 

  • Repel and Release technology
  • PVC-free, waterproof layer 
  • Sheet stretches to fit mattress
  • Zipper included   
  • The cover is known to crinkle and be noisy

PlushDeluxe Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector

4. Organic: PlushDeluxe Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector

When we considered the best organic crib mattress protector, the prices were through the roof. So, when we came across the Bamboo protector by PlushDeluxe, we were ecstatic!

The mattress cover comes with a luxuriously soft bamboo quilted surface. It’s not only soft to the touch but also incredibly eco-friendly, which makes it all the more better and a shame that you’d probably have to cover it with a crib sheet later on.

The cover is also waterproof, saving you from the gazillion cleanups you’d have to perform in a day, in addition to the several diaper changes. The waterproof tech combines with the mattress’ breathability to offer a wonderful mix. Guaranteeing airflow, you can rest assured even if your little one turns facedown during the night. 

Oh, and this part’s very important – the cover is noiseless! So, no crinkling of the fabric and fearing your baby waking up midsleep. 

But, alas, with so many benefits come one teeny tiny hang-up: the fabric is very thin. So, you’d have to be careful changing the cover or putting it in the wash because it can rip in case of extreme stretch. 

  • The bamboo surface is eco-friendly 
  • Waterproof 
  • Breathable 
  • Noiseless
  • The fabric is thin and can risk ripping in case of a far stretch

SureGuard Mattress Protector

5. Mini Crib: SureGuard Mattress Protector 

If you’ve got a mini crib and are wondering which mattress protector sheets will fit your child’s nursery, we’ve got you covered!

The SureGuard Mattress Protector comes in multiple sizes from Twin to California King, and it has a crib and mini crib sizes too! 

The protector is made with premium cotton terry, which proves why it is so soft and absolutely noiseless. It wicks away moisture, without producing the crinkling sound of a plastic crib mattress protector. However, since it’s cotton terry, the cover can produce a little sweat – but that shouldn’t be a biggie if your baby doesn’t perspire easily. 

Since we’re talking about moisture, the SureGuard is also sure to guard your mattress’ core against spills and leakages with its 100% waterproof abilities, which also come with a 10-year guarantee. Yes, we’re not joking! You can use this mattress cover for up to 10 years. But we’d suggest buying 2 a time – so that when one’s in the wash, the other can protect your baby’s mattress.

The cover is also hypoallergenic with dust mite and bacteria-resistant qualities, which makes it an all-in-one crib mattress cover. 

  • Multiple sizes 
  • Noiseless
  • 100% waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 10-year guarantee  
  • The cover’s material can make your baby sweat a little 

Kolcraft Baby Dry Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

6. Breathable: Kolcraft Baby Dry Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

Usually, when a cover is waterproof, it lacks breathability. That is because it is designed in a way to be impenetrable by liquids and gases alike. This is why this crib waterproof mattress protector by Kolcraft took us by surprise! 

The cover features the Dri Waterproof tech of the company with a PVC-free waterproof barrier that keeps spills and leakages at bay from entering into the mattress.

However, the cover is made using a soft knit fabric that is cozy to be in and easy to breathe into.

The sheer breathability keeps the infants and toddlers easily sleeping throughout the night, while the parents remain free of worry. 

Another great aspect: the cover is a great fit for standard cribs and can be washed into the machine! This means convenience and hassle-free washing – all together. 

But of course, the low price (under $14!) and multiple benefits come with a little issue – the cover isn’t the quietest in the lot. So, if your baby is a light sleeper, you might have to work your way around the crinkling of the sheet. 

  • Breathable 
  • PVC-free Waterproof 
  • Machine washable 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Can be a little noisy

PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector

7. Hypoallergenic: PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector 

Babies are very sensitive, especially newborns. This is when their immune system is developing, and they need all the care they can get. This is also when getting the best hypoallergenic crib mattress protector becomes essential. 

For babies with sensitive skin, the PUREgrace cover is great. It is made with 100% Tencel, eucalyptus-based fibers that are soft and smooth to the touch.

You wouldn’t need to fear the scratches or friction rubs that a plastic protector might produce. 

The cover is also waterproof and free of toxic solvents. It does not contain any excessive chemicals, PVC, BPA, or Vinyl. In addition, this softcover comes with a padded layer that also won’t shrink or lose shape, even after being in the wash! So, not only is the cover waterproof, but it is also a piece of cake to wash. 

If your baby wets the crib multiple times a week, this mattress protector can be the savior you need. But it does come a little heavy on the pocket compared to other protectors, so it will be an investment for the long term. This also shouldn’t be a big problem since the cover has a 10-year warranty. 

  • Made with Tencel, eucalyptus-based fibers  
  • Waterproof
  • Irritant-free
  • Doesn’t lose shape in the wash   
  • Comparatively expensive 

Dreamtex My Little Nest Crib Mattress Pad Cover

8. Comfortable: Dreamtex My Little Nest Crib Mattress Pad Cover

Sometimes all that a baby needs is a soft cover offering unparalleled comfort to sleep soundly through the night (and day too!). This cover by Dreamtex had us sold over its plush fabric and countless benefits.

It is an organic crib mattress protector, made with 100% organic cotton and Polyurethane Laminate. Its also a preventative against dust, mites, and bacteria that can harm your child’s health. 

What we loved about this cover, though, was that it comes in a pack of 2. Seldom do new parents realize that one crib mattress cover does not do it. What will you cover the mattress with when the cover is in the wash? And if your child has frequent spit-ups or diaper leaks, the number of washes will be at least twice a week. That’s when the second cover comes to help. Cover the crib mattress with one cover until the other is in the wash and swap! 

Since it’s a pack of two, the high price is also justified, so this comfy mattress cover made for one of our top picks.

  • Comfortable 
  • Made with organic cotton
  • Comes in a pack of 2  
  • Relatively expensive 

Baby and Brooke Crib Mattress Protector Pad

9. Soft: Baby and Brooke Crib Mattress Protector Pad

When we’re searching for the best items for our baby, we are bound to be attracted to cute displays and packaging.

While this was exactly what introduced us to Baby and Brooke’s crib mattress protector, its plush, soft fabric and premium breathability left us stunned and prompted us to declare it as one of the best crib mattress protector.

The cover is made with ultra-breathable bamboo cotton. This regulates air control and keeps the temperature moderate and perfect for the child to sleep on. The fabric’s moisture-protecting tendencies also keep sweat away from the baby. 

In addition, the cover comes with a zipper, making it easy to take off and pull on while securing a snug fit. However, the cover is of the standard-sized crib, so in case you have a mini one – this wouldn’t fit. 

  • Soft and plush
  • Breathable
  • Anti-bacterial 
  • Wicks away moisture 
  • Zipper included   
  • Can only fit the standard crib size

 American Baby Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress

10. Affordable: American Baby Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress

This may not be the most good-looking mattress cover out there, but it certainly provides bang for your buck. Priced under $20, the cover is one of the best crib mattress protector we have come across, and the 32,000+ reviews on Amazon are proof.

With more than 80% of parents giving their thumbs up to the cover, it certainly seems worth the price.

The cover is made with 100% soft polyester all around. It has elastic edges which means you can stretch it all four sides to fit your baby’s crib a little better and tighter. This also means no bunches in the fabric nor any suffocation hazard for your little one.

The mattress is divided into three layers. While the top and bottom are soft to ensure no crinkling sounds and a noiseless experience, the middle layer is waterproof. This protects liquids from penetrating into or staining the mattress underneath. 

In case the cover gets dirty, the cleanup is a breeze. Simply pull the cover off, throw it in the wash, and fit it onto the crib again when dry. However, do not machine-dry the cover. Instead, air dry it to avoid it losing shape. 

The cover also comes in multiple sizes including a mini crib and playard, so you can choose accordingly. 

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Soft
  • Noiseless
  • Multiple sizes 
  • Waterproof   
  • Can lose shape and softness if dried in the dryer 


Your baby spends most time in two places: your arms and their crib. This is why making their crib as comfortable and safe as possible should be top on a list of parents’ priorities. Getting the best crib mattress protector is one of its components. 

While the best for your child depends upon what you’re looking for – best bargain, organic, waterproof, etc. – we’ve chosen one overall favorite of ours. It is the American Baby Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress (#10). It’s not only easy on the pocket but also provides some of the best features of a mattress cover, making it a great all-in-one purchase.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do crib mattresses need a protector?

Mostly, yes. Since you can’t generally throw a mattress in the wash, a protector acts as the perfect barrier between leakages and spills (that are bound to happen) and the crib mattress’ core. 

Is it safe to use a crib mattress protector?

A crib should be flat with a sheet and/or mattress protector covering it in a tight, secure fit. The infant should lie alone, without any pillows or bunching in the sheet to avoid suffocation hazards. Refrain from the use of plastic crib mattress protector because they can be noisy and a choking hazard. 

Is there a difference between a crib mattress pad and a mattress cover?

Yes. A pad is supposed to provide additional comfort to the child, like another layer on top. On the other hand, a mattress cover protects the mattress from stains and spills.

When should I purchase a mattress protector?

Always. If you have a crib mattress, it is always great to have a protectant cover on top. The same argument goes for new as well as old crib mattresses. 

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