Best Tips For Newborn Twins Sleeping Arrangements In A Crib

This time we are going to talk about a novel product that is essential when you have twins, twins or any other type of multiple gestations, specifically we will analyze the best twin nests or crib reducers for two babies.

One of the most important needs in twins, twins, or multiple gestation babies is to accommodate the room for their rest. When they are one year old, each one will need their own crib, but first, we need to equip a place where they can both rest from the first day of their life when they have just been born.

It is clear that the crib will not be appropriate for the rest of the newborn twins. Do we really need to buy two mini cots or two wicker bassinets? , especially with all the accumulated expense that it entails and the space, they will occupy in the bedroom. The truth is that there is an ideal solution for those first months of life, and it is to use a twin baby nest that can be used as a crib reducer for twins.

Some families choose to leave the two babies sleeping in the same crib without any separation, but as we will see later, this is one of the most common risk factors in the well-known syndrome of sudden infant death.

So below we are going to analyze 4 alternatives that you can use as a twin nest or a crib reducer so that the two babies can sleep peacefully, comfortably, and most importantly without any risk to their health.

Newborn Twins Sleeping Arrangements

In a multiple gestation pregnancy, one of the most common concerns is wondering how twins, twins or both babies are going to sleep in the same space.

So you start asking opinions of other mothers if they have chosen to sleep the twins together or separately, you ask the midwife in the preparation courses for childbirth and you look for information on the Internet. You are sure to find experiences of all kinds.

To determine how to sleep twin babies there are 3 essential aspects :

1. Health and safety

The most important thing without any doubt is that neither of the twins or twins has any risk to their health. During their first year of life, and especially in the first 6 months, the greatest concern in any family is the risk of the sudden death of the baby, where for no apparent reason they stop breathing after sleeping. Among the main causes of this tragic event are the environmental factors of sleep, where sharing a bed and being excessively hot can lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Statistically, there is 1 case in 1,000 newborns, and obviously, no one wants to be part of that data. So sleeping twins together in the same crib without any separation is not advisable for their health. Of course, no pediatrician, midwife, or child health professional will advise you to use a co-sleeping crib for the twins to sleep together.

Sometimes there are baby products that are manufactured in other countries that are not appropriate according to European regulations, but due to current globalization, it is possible to find them on the Internet. Be very careful with co-sleeping mini cots for twins, they are not recommended.

2. Economic spending

But of course, having twins means buying everything in duplicate. When it comes to diapers, clothes, or bottles we don’t think about it much because, in the long run, it will pay off. But when we talk about acquiring 2 mini cots that we are only going to use for a maximum of 8 or 10 months, it already hurts the pocket.

Well, the cheapest solution is the twin nests for babies or crib reducers, with which we practically divide the crib into 2 separate spaces, with which we adapt a space for each of the twins or twins without the need to double the cost. In a while, we will analyze the characteristics that the best twin baby nest should have.

3. Design and functionality

The last aspect to determine if it is better to sleep the twins together or separately is the functionality of the option chosen for their rest and obviously that it has a design and style that convinces us.

The bottom line is that each twin should have their own separate sleeping space, so separation would be the best option.

But if it turns out that we do not have enough space for two mini cots or it involves a lot of money, it is also feasible for the twins to sleep together in the same crib but with a nest or space reducer to separate the surface in half.