Top 3 Benefits Of Using A Memory Foam Crib Mattress

Are you looking for the benefits of a Memory Foam Crib Mattress? Did you know that memory foam is a material that was developed by NASA approximately 40 years ago?

Astronauts were subjected to great forces during takeoffs and landings, to improve the safety of the shuttle cushions, scientists created this excellent material.

In 1991 they began to manufacture memory foam mattresses and little by little their use became widespread and the price fell.

Memory foam is currently a very popular material used not only in mattresses (both for babies and adults) but also in pillows and cushions. Some mattresses are also made with memory foam, we have discussed in our list of the best affordable crib mattress for your baby crib.

Benefits Of Using A Memory Foam Crib Mattress

Are you thinking of acquiring a mattress of this type? We are going to analyze the benefits of Memory Foam Crib Mattress that will bring to your baby:

1. Balance And Adaptability

The viscoelastic crib mattress offers optimal and balanced adaptability between all areas of the body, in this way it correctly maintains the alignment of the back, something very beneficial for the growth and correct development of the baby.

2. Ergonomics And Temperature Regulation

Memory foam mattresses are ergonomic, that is, they adapt perfectly to the child’s body, relieving any type of agitation during sleep.

In addition, its excellent body thermal regulation capacity is perfect for keeping the baby’s temperature uniform while sleeping.

In My Baby Mattress, this beneficial property is achieved thanks to the fact that the memory foam of its mattresses contains small gel particles that generate greater freshness.

3. Adaptive Hardness

Pediatricians recommend that crib mattresses have considerable firmness to prevent the baby from sinking excessively.

Will a memory foam mattress be too soft for our baby? The answer is no, the key is to analyze the thickness of it in the mattress and check if it is suitable for the needs of our baby.

For example, mattresses with layers of one or two centimeters of memory foam are a very good option for the little ones.

They will have the excellent adaptability, balance, ergonomics, and temperature regulation that this material provides, and they will also be able to move around the mattress without the risk of sinking.