Is Off-Gassing Dangerous For Babies? Find Best Non Toxic Crib Mattress

Are you searching for the best non-toxic crib mattress and curious to know is off-gassing dangerous for babies?

One of the big dilemmas with today’s standard mattresses is the release of off-gassing from the synthetic materials with which they are made. This occurs in both crib mattresses and adult mattresses, so it is an issue that matters to all of us.

Most of today’s mattresses are made using a variety of controversial petroleum chemicals, foams, plastics, and flame retardants.

When a new foam mattress is opened, there are times when it gives off a peculiar smell, this is a consequence of the toxins of the material with which they are made, which slowly seep into the air. Inhaling these toxins is what is known as gassing.

Unfortunately, many of these compounds are not very stable and continue to evaporate into the air once the mattress is opened, and are breathed in night after night by the baby who sleeps on it.

Find The Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattress For Your Baby

The memory foam mattresses can be good for your baby, however, we do not recommend them for crib mattresses for being soft; those made of latex can cause allergies, and those of traditional polyurethane foam are linked to perspiration problems and VOC emissions.

Inhaling the gases from these materials on an ongoing basis can cause headaches and have other effects on your baby’s health ranging from allergic reactions and rashes to even more serious issues.

Although today many aspects such as adaptability and perspiration are improved with synthetic foams, you must be careful and make sure that the mattress for children and adults, in which you will sleep for the next few years.

Complies with the certificates that guarantee that the materials with which it is made are completely innocuous for your health. There are a few, but they are worth looking for.

The best reference to find the best non-toxic affordable crib mattress is the OekoTex certificate, but only in its Class I, which guarantees that it is tested to be in contact even with the bare skin of a baby. So only the one that has the Oeko-Tex Class I certificate in all its components will be a safe crib mattress for your baby.

Both you and the little ones are going to spend a lot of time on the mattress. So now you know, look for the custom mattresses for yours and with the best certificates!