Are Breathable Mattresses Better for SIDS Precaution? 

As a baby is born the number one thought of the new parents is to keep the baby safe. Whether it is from cold weather, new-found viruses, or the general environment. This makes the parents to always cover the baby’s head to toe to prevent from any harm. What many parents neglect to keep in mind is the issue of SIDS (suffering infant death syndrome). This occurs due to the failure of crib safety and over-heating. 

Babies tend to roll on their stomachs when they are few months old, which causes them to suffocate their noses without understanding it. Parents that prepare cribs with numerous pillows and the most comfortable mattress, overlook the fact of what to do when this happens. 

Some brand names have started to produce breathable mattresses to overcome one aspect of SIDS however, research suggests that there is no evidence that can approve these claims. So, the question arises whether breathable mattresses are safer? This article explores SIDS and how it is linked to crib mattresses. 

SIDS and Its Causes 

Before diving into the mattress business, it would be helpful to know what SIDS is and how it is increasing death rates amongst infants. 

Sudden infant death syndrome is an unexplained phenomenon that causes the death of seemingly perfect and healthy babies under the age of one. It is also referred to as crib death commonly because often the unexpected happens in the crib. 

SIDS and Its Causes 

There are some physical factors that may attribute to SIDS; however, the main concerns are regarding the crib. This includes the baby’s sleeping position, the surrounding of the crib, and the sturdiness of the mattress. 

It is recommended that babies are put to sleep on their back, which can prevent rolling into a position that doesn’t allow them to breathe freely. Inside the crib, there should not be any pillows blankets or toys. The crib should remain as empty as it can be. This again will prevent suffocation in cases of rolling. 

As the mattress becomes a concern, in this case, the question arises, are breathable mattresses safer? This is a question that is discussed further. 

Breathable Mattresses 

As the issue of SIDS increased causing fatalities, procedures and instructions were issued from hospitals on how to take care of babies as discussed earlier. This also served as an opportunity for mattress manufacturers to market their mattresses as breathable, assisting in the reduction of SIDS. 

According to these brands, breathable mattresses mean that mattresses allow the flow of air, reducing the retention of carbon dioxide between the materials. The mattresses are made of medical-grade polyester suspended over tiny hollow plastic boxes to allow airflow.

As the mattress is made with special materials rather than just the normal foam, it allows the flow of oxygen every 2 seconds, while dismissing the carbon dioxide exhaled by the baby. Carbon dioxide in a specific amount is lethal. So, this type of mattress allows its dismissal every 2 seconds preventing retention as well as giving the baby more time to move.  This improves the flow and allows a much better sleeping pattern. 

Breathable Mattresses 

While mattress companies claim this, no scientific evidence or experiments to this date have been able to confirm and test these theories. Whether it is just another marketing technique or an agenda to lower the scare of SIDS, not much can be said. SIDS itself is a phenomenon about which not much information has been gathered. So relatively looking, if a breathable mattress does what it claims, it only provides a safer option for the babies. 


SIDS is real, causing fatalities in infants across the world. There are many recommendations that should be considered with infants to make sure they are always protected. The answer to the question of whether breathable mattresses are safer?

There isn’t a scientifically proven conclusive answer to this. However, with the technology that has been introduced into mattresses, there is a possibility that it may work, so no harm in trying. 

Of course, the main objective should be by taking all precautions without only relying on the breathable mattress itself. 

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