Organic Crib Matrress

Organic crib mattresses are typically manufactured from organic wool and cotton, or any other 100% organic materials. Because of this, these crib mattresses will not contain harmful chemicals that are found in a traditional portable crib mattress. Traditionally, these mattresses are constructed of cotton batting plus a covering of fabric. The cotton is usually manufactured or synthetic. Even if 100% cotton material is used, it is treated with potent chemicals that are dried and bleached. Also, in the growing of the cotton, the cotton farm will utilize harmful pesticides that damage the environment.

organic crib mattress
organic crib mattress


The Benefits of Organic Crib Mattresses


The organic nature of the organic crib mattresses comes from the use of natural cotton fabrics that are produced by cotton farms which use either no pesticides or fertilizers, or use only the natural ones. In the processing of the cotton, no potent chemicals, artificial dyes, or bleach is used, and Department of Agriculture certifies that the organic method farms that employs these procedures, to be organic. The certifying body, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), demands that fabrics and fiber should be constructed from certified materials which comply with the standards of the National Organic Program (NOP), and must be manufactured in compliance with the standards of GOTS. The other parts of the crib such as the fire protection and the innersprings are required to meet strict non-toxic standards. for organic crib mattress

The choice of mattress is crucial to the life and well-being of young babies, since they spend about most of the first 12 months sleeping on a crib mattress. They are delicate beings, and every attempt should be taken to protect them as they are increasing their immunity and developing. The World Health Organization has already determined the harm caused by the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers on the foods we eat and the products grown in such soil. Toxins from the artificial pesticides and fertilizers are easily taken into the body from the products we come in contact with, or through the foods we eat.for organic crib mattress

Non-organic crib mattresses will contain these toxins and chemical traces, and pose a danger to the baby, whose body remains in contact with it for long periods of time, and may absorb and inhale these substances. Any possible side effects of this exposure may not be evident for a long period of time. Natural fabrics like cotton, is not only softer but settles at a slower rate than its synthetic cotton equivalent.

Mattresses should always be cleaned often to kill bacteria, also an organic detergent must be used so as not to defeat the purpose of using the organic mattress. Additives in non-organic detergents will adhere to and become absorbed into the skin. After washing the mattress it should be completely dried and aired out.
It is also necessary to buy an organic baby crib for the organic mattress. In such a crib, the construction is with real wood, there is no chemicals and no glue, and the finish will have a low toxin level.

When shopping for an organic crib mattress, care should be taken to select only those products that are stamped 100% organic. Federal law states that such products should not contain synthetic products, products which harm the environment, and such products as arsenic, antimony and phosphorus. Also important, is the fact that the products must be from only renewable resources and its production was conducted in a manner that conserved water and soil.